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Shooting Sunrise this time….

Come to think of it, I’ve never shot sunrise at the Gardens by the Bay before. So, in short, just packed the bag and went for the sunrise shoot!

Sunrise that morning was actually great (considering the weather conditions for the past week). As usual, I was actually spamming alot of shots again..

But at the end, only 2 was selected in what I actually wanted…

Sunrise @ GBTB
The sun slowly make its way out into the open…

Sunrise @ GBTB
Sun rising from behind the Cloud Forest Dome.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned… The Flower dome and the Cloud forest dome are the only structures that I really liked in this place… I’m not so much of a fan of the supertrees. Thou there are various angles to seek out and shoot. But in general, I still like the Forest Dome’s transparent egg shaped exterior.

After the shoot is a straight home sleep (short nap) for me… Need enough rest for the long afternoon that day…

It’s another of the National Day Parade 2013 (NDP2013) rehearsals. Where there will be fireworks, fighter planes, Attack Choppers flying by etc.

I’ll post those shots up in the next post during the week…

But for now, just one composite shot to share..Thru the Skies
My attempt to blend 2 photos together. Both shots taken on the same day. (Any form of feedback is always welcomed.)

Hope to be able to process the rest of the NDP shots up soon.