Just finished editing my photos from Cosfest 2013…

And I realized that I”m getting lesser and lesser variety of cosplayers in my photos. I’m now currently “stuck” within a certain group and shooting them too often and too much…

Well, one can say that the quality of the photos is better than those “run and gun” type… It’s probably a trade-off between spending more time per cosplayer or getting all cosplayers within the time period.

I now recall when I first started off with shooting cosplays back almost 3 years ago, I, like many others were out there, going to every cosplayer that I’ve come across and asking if it’s ok to take a photo. Regardless of the composition, constraints and limitations of gears, I just shoot…

Nowadays, I’ve become very picky in my subjects, environment, composition, expressions etc… Probably spending more time per cosplayer to ‘direct’ and shoot and re-shoot till I get more or less what I wanted… Of course, this isn’t possible all the time.. But when possible, I’m almost always directing abit here and there about the poses, hairstyling and of course choosing the background elements. If the conditions are not ideal (distracting backgrounds, bad lighting etc) and other positions are not possible, I would not take the shot. I guess this is another contributing reason to why my variety of cosplayers are going down too…. as many of those that allow me to have such ideal conditions are closer cosplayer friends or friends of friends (which really results in shooting similar person every single event).

Really wished I can drop this perfectionist mentality (and go for a good-enough mentality) and go shooting without worries…

On another note, I also remember how light my gears was during then…. 500D + 18-55, 55-250.. As compared to currently.. 5D3 + 17-40, 50 f1.8, 70-200 f2.8, 2x flash, 2 pair of lightstands…

Enough of reminiscing the past… And to share a couple of photos from the processed batch… You can find the whole album of Day 1 and Day 2 here on my Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/YukuangPhotography




This last shot is my first time triggering 2 off camera flash.. Shooting against the blue hour sky. I’m glad that the effect turned out OK…

It’s quite abit of work when you are dealing with manual flashes (no TTL to control flash power in the camera) and against time where the sun is rapidly setting. One will have to keep metering the ambient to get the correct exposure of the sky, yet keep in mind not to affect the power of the flash… There’s quite abit of experimenting required.

It can be fun experimenting with the flashes, but it’s a chore to change the settings (lower the lightstand, adjust power, re-raise lightstand, repeat till the exposure is right)… -_-

Will definitely require more shoots and experiment to get myself familiarize with off camera flash..

Hope I don’t have to wait too long before I can test it out again..

*Now to think of the next thing to shoot over the next weekend…*