Another mid week blog update!!!

This time, it’s about the Vocaloid shoot which was shot on Sunday afternoon…I have yet to finish processing the Saturday’s Cosmo shots.. But the Vocaloid shoot have higher priority… especially that the cosplayers have allocated time outside event for the shoot!

Just sharing a few of the shots from this shoot..






During this shoot, there are a few things I’ve learnt….

Time management…

Especially where there is more than 2 person to shoot. In fact, I had 4 person to shoot. When shooting a person, the good/bad thing about a photographer is to keep shooting till you get it right/perfect…. in normal circumstances, this is good, but if you have limited time, you NEED to know when to move on to the next model/coser… As a result, the first person I shot had the most pictures, while the last person have the least….gotta kick myself for not noticing it sooner…

Backup Equipment

At the start of the shoot, my flash (Nissin Di622 mkii) died..Although it’s not a paid assignment, but it isn’t very nice to have a hardware malfunction. As such, I need to spend more time to get around it. It was still OK under the afternoon sun with reflectors. But it was a total disaster during evening time… I only have a pathetic small LED video light to light it up….

But now, I got 2 x YN560 III (Manual flash) to replace my original flash. Hope to be able to play with multiple flash at this weekend’s Cosfest. *I should be adding a TTL flash YN568EX II when it reach the shore..*


Anyway, now the short break is over, back to processing the shots from this shoot and mail them out to the cosers…