Yesterday was the Cosmo Youth Parade (It’s a cosplay event..). It was held at *Scape Singapore.

There are alot of cosers (very much unlike the Minnacon that happened the week before..)…But the place isn’t very spacious for photography. So, the group of friends I know from this cosplay events invited some of the cosplayers to a open area with lots of light and space.

But inviting them to the open and bright area means it’s going to be hot…which we will have to try our best not to shoot for too long. As usually cosers are wearing quite some layers of (thick) clothing, so we won’t want them to get heat stroke just for the sake of photography.

Anyway, just sharing a few of my processed shots from the event.. Still have yet to process the rest. As today, I was out shooting too…

Hope to get some of them out by this week. I know it’s not possible within my limits to get it all out by the week… And this coming weekend is Cosfest (2 days)….. Think it will take me alot more time to get those out too… *I’ll leave the problems to then :p *

My favorite shot from the event… A quick look into the shots today, and without effort, this was selected 🙂



Technical Stuffs

I didn’t bring my lightstand and reflector holders due to space constrain. But, I still brought my reflector. Still (like last week) I find it the most wonderful piece of equipment I bought.

Most of my usage of this reflector is to reduce the shadows cast by the light coming from the sun. But in most situations, I shot with ambient light. As it can be very troublesome to get the reflector to reflect to the exact position when you are on the move. Especially so if there are other photographers shooting from other angles which require the coser to change the pose, Lighting change with every pose. If you have an assistant, it will be nice… imagine using a reflector holder and changing the angles for every pose.. *nightmare*

It’s probably the reason why even thou for today’s shoot, even thou I had the lightstand + reflector holder, I did not use it.. But that’s story for another day..

And this week, I may have to spend time buying a new flash….Seems like the charging capacitor of my flash died 😦 Will be getting YN568EX before Saturday..


And time for bed, not feeling very well for the past few days due to inconsistent meal times…

Just hoping to upload more shots within the week..