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Initially I thought that I won’t be going for the Minnacon cosplay event at UTown NUS Singapore due to the haze condition… But never did I thought that the PSI will drop from an average of 200 to below 100. And even the blue skies (well, not that blue… more towards dirty blue) are visible.. This is all thanks to the change in wind direction.. But because of this wind direction change, our neighbor, Malaysia seem to get hit badly by the haze…

But seeing that the weather is better, I took the chance to slip down to the event…  Below are some of the shots I’ve processed in my first batch.. For the first batch of photos that I’ve chose to processed, unsurprisingly, quite some of them are shot using this new lens. (I’ve brought 17-40, 50 and 70-200 for the event)

Minnacon 2013
My usual “tight” portrait… with my 70-200 @ 95mm

Minnacon 2013
17-40mm @ 40mm

Minnacon 2013
17-40mm @ 37mm

Minnacon 2013
17-40mm @ 40mm. Reflector used

Minnacon 2013
17-40mm @ 26mm. Reflector used.

A couple of after event thoughts

It’s the first time I’m trying out the 5 in 1 80cm round reflector (which I got recently). I brought along my Light-Duty Light Stand too.. But it didn’t really help since I still need a reflector arm to hold it.. That light stand was mainly for the flash.. I may add a reflector arm very soon… Holding reflector with 1 hand and shooting with the other is simply not visible… But of course an assistant will be better… But not everytime, you will find someone willing to hold the reflector up while others shoot.

And for this event is another first time I’m bringing my newly acquired EF 17-40 f4 for a shoot… Even thou it’s a f4 lens, I find this range very refreshing as compared to my 70-200. Probably it’s because I’ve been shooting portraits from 50mm-200mm and the perspective is only tight and tighter.. With this addition, some of my shots have abit of variation (much like before I’ve moved to FF).

I also did not think that the perspective between different focal length of 70mm (and above), 50mm, 40mm and 35mm would be sooooo much difference. I really quite like the perspective of 35-40mm when shooting “environmental” portrait…

But I must say that the lens, it opens up alot more different possibilities as compared to just using a standard 50mm or telephoto lens like 70-200. No doubt that the 2 lens is awesome, but at times, a shot need variation apart from the usual perspective… But that said, a wide perspective like 35mm or wider requires a clean background, or else, it will have the same problem of having alot of photobombing and distracting objects in the background.

As for the reflector, it’s AWESOME… Previously, I’m under the impression that I need the High Speed Sync to get ‘that’ shot, but after I got a chance to use the 600EX a couple of weeks ago, I realized that it isn’t what I want… And in my last shoot, I came across someone who had a reflector and I manage to loan it for a couple of shots. I realized that “THIS IS IT, this is what I need/want”. And the best part, the reflector is relatively cheap… 5 in 1 80cm Reflector cost S$30. Collapsible to ~30cm diameter.

The benefit of this reflector is

  • It’s light source is much larger than what a bare flash can hit
  • The result can be seen as compared to using a flash that requires some test shots to get the exposure correct.
  • Relatively cheap… S$30 vs a speedlite costing at least S$200.

But the downside is, I will either need an assistant to hold up the reflector, or have to get a reflector holder which costs ~S$45. (If adding up the cost of holder + lightstand + reflector, it’s still cheaper than a speedlite)

I may be buying the holder sometime this week then will bringing it down for the next cosplay event happening next weekend..

Didn’t manage to shoot as much as I would have wanted, because I left the event early… to shoot some landscapes…. *I really would have liked to stay on and shoot more cosplayers -_-*

I will be continuing to process the rest of the event shots…