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Another week has gone by…For the weekend, I was spending sometime shooting sunset at Punggol Beach. This is one of the place where I always wanted to go. And yesterday, I finally went…

But.. The weather isn’t that cooperative… got blocked horizons and the sun isn’t that bright too…

Anyway, just for sharing the scene and a couple of shots I got from this place..

Sunset @ Punggol Beach
The shot above is shot with a 10 stop ND Filter + a Soft Edge GND (I’m still using the cheap china Tian Ya GND… So correcting the color cast from BOTH B+W and Tian Ya is quite a pain… but doable).

Seascape Sunset @ Punggol BeachThis shot is from a single exposure, no filters, just shoot! But composition wise, I felt that much can be improved on. But seems that I was too engrossed with the waves that I threw the composition factor out of the window…


Technical Stuffs

Equipment used: 500D + EF-S10-22mm / Sirui T1004X Tripod / Wired Shutter Remote
Filters I brought: B+W ND110 (10 Stop filter), Tianya ND8 (3 stops), Tianya GND (2 stop soft edge GND)

As a very brief intro, if you want “flat”, milky, silky waters, drag your shutter speed to above 20seconds and you will see something like the first shot in this post. That was a 35 second + GND.

For dynamic waters (violent), a master told me that use something around 1/2s. For a less dynamic wave, use approximately 1s.

I was playing around with the settings and I realized that I like the violent style… So I settled with 1/2s. But to get this shutter speed when the sky is brighter, one may want to use a 3-6 stop ND instead of a 10 stop ND. 10 stop will almost guarantee that you will get a 1-2sec exposure.

I was using a UWA…And stacking filters isn’t actually the wisest thing to do if you are using a screw in + a 85mm square filter. Stacking with this combination will almost assure you that you will get hardware vignetting. Vignetting is still correctable if I just used ND110. But the moment I use the filter holder for the GND, the vignetting from the holder appears.. Solution? Handheld the GND -_-  I was holding the GND for the exposures.. Need to be careful not to get your fingers in the frame..*I’m really on the verge of getting a 100mm filter system from either Lee or Hitech… But both systems are pretty expensive for my little usage…So I’ll pour more thoughts into it before committing*

When stacking filters of different brands, you will get multiple color cast too… In this case, B+W and Tian Ya. One gives red, the other magenta.. It’s actually alright if you are using NDs only… But I’m using ND and GND. So the you will get weird color cast if you fix either the top or bottom part. The solution? Use a Digital GND and tint the color/temp. It can be easily done in Lightroom using a GND in there and changing the temp/tint parameter.


I will be reshooting this place again when the weather condition allows… Hopefully my 17-40 arrives by then… *Placed order for it last week…* I will be also doing a review of 18-55 vs 17-50 vs 17-40 when 17-40 arrives… In a landscape test. In the  “review”, you will probably not see 100% crops but rather how it performs in web resolution…

*And I realized that I’ve completely forgotten about the Bornfire shots! Will be revisiting them later in the afternoon*