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This is the last batch of photos from Anime Matsuri… The invited guests on stage.

Invited cosplayers are Kaname (Japan), Natumi (Taiwan), Clive (Singapore), Ying Tze (Malaysia), Angie (Malaysia).

To be honest, I was actually there for Angie :p While many others (especially Females) are there for Kaname… I can probably also say that most guys are there (like me) going for Angie!

Anyway, here are a couple of grabs while they are on the small stage in Funan.





You can find abit more photos in my Facebook album for the Anime Matsuri event… (Mainly more Angie :p )

It’s needless to say that the crowd on the ground is huge.. It’s hard to even get a decent shot if you are on the ground. The bottom 3 shots are shot from level 2 of Funan and zooming in Max on my 70-200.. This is probably when I would really loved a 2x Teleconverter… 200mm didn’t have enough reach for Angie 😦

I was on the ground on day 1 for Angie, and the only way to get a decent shot is to shoot overhead… imagine holding a 5d3 + 70-200 f2.8 over your head and pray your AF hits and fire… Well, some shots turned out decent, while some are blocked here and there and some got the wrong focus -_- (I was not using LV Autofocus, use setting the main area focus and 1/2 press while overhead and spam the shutter in continuous mode) Glad that at least some are decent 🙂

Now that my Anime Matsuri shots are done, I’ll be dealing with my last folder: Bornfire… Still got a couple of those that needs processing…

Will be sharing them once they are done 🙂