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Been sometime since I’ve shot this place (Supertree Grove @ Garden By The Bay), for the past few times when I’m here, I head straight to the flower dome…

Today I just happen to be at Marina Barrage for a sunset shoot… but it didn’t really turn out well due to wet weather approaching from behind and had tough luck with the thick gray clouds covering the sunset….

Anyway, after the sunset, before the storm came, I was able to travel to the Supertree Grove relatively quickly where I grabbed a few shots… with my 5d + 50mm f1.8 II






If you haven’t notice…. all these shots are shot at f1.8.. WIDE OPEN. This lens is known for it’s wide open softness. But IMO, it looks pretty decent and sharp to my untrained eyes…

These shots here are also VERY close to the DPP Raw to JPEG colors (I’m trying very hard to match the colors…DPP and Lightroom reads the RAW differently ). The only thing that have changed is the distortion and vignetting.

In my current version of DPP (, there is no Lens correction data for 50mm f1.8 II. If I could have fixed it in DPP, I won’t bother going into Lightroom to fix the vignetting…

Just a couple of reasons why I was shooting on f1.8 for all these shots..
– I was trying to get a “bokehish” landscape for the 1st and 2nd shot…
– I overheard someone telling his partner (who seems new to photography) how soft the 50mm f1.8 is, and why he should upgrade… *I was pissed off and I end up shooting f1.8*
– I’m trying to outrun a thunder storm 5-10 mins away from me while getting these shots… Setting up a tripod, composing and doing long exposure at small aperture don’t seem to work very well with that idea, so large aperture f1.8 and at handheld speed of 1/30s – 1/60s.. ISO320 to ISO800. Still pretty clean..

*I’m still deciding if I should just get the EF17-40 to replace my crop landscape setup… It can be heavy to lug around a 2nd body just for landscape…*

Anyway, about time I head to bed… Gotta finalize those wedding shots I’ve covered a couple of days back..

I should be posting a couple more Anime Matsuri photos tomorrow when I’m done with the important tasks..