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Finally done with the Day 1 of Anime Matsuri that happened in Funan last weekend… Day 1 is the day where I spammed my shots. I was still there on Day 2, but not really for shooting (thou I brought all my gears), but for shopping for a new camera bag (Thinktank CityWalker 20).

I will post up the Day 2 shots once they are done in the next couple of days.

For now, the last batch for the Day 1 of Anime Matsuri..




A shoot at a private corner with this following Cosplayer…






There are quite alot of white space because of a small request by the cosplayer to include some title in it. But will not be showing that version, since it’s a special version for her..

Also due to the lack of ambient light (and my lack of knowledge of off camera flash), the ISO is bump up to quite high (ISO1000 to 5000) to just use ambient light.. Which high iso itself introduces alot of issues with the ambient light.

As for today, I wanted to take a walk in the Gardens again (Garden By the Bay, Marina Bay), but the weather isn’t very cooperative recently… So, I’ll just play by ear and see how it goes later in the afternoon…