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Another small batch of photos from Anime Matsuri @ Funan..

After browsing thru my shots, I realized that variety of shots I have actually decreased and they are more focused on certain cosplayers.

I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not… But one thing for certain, I’m happier with the focused shooting even thou I don’t have the variety, I feel that the quality per shot improved…

I believe part of the reason can be attributed to the large number of crowds that will photobomb your shot. The other is, these certain cosplayers are usually been invited to a corner to have a “private” shoot.. As such, one can

  • Get different poses from the same cosplayer
  • A cleaner background
  • Have other lighting props (softboxes, extra flashes etc) setup.
  • More time for interaction instead of shoot and go.

This shot is from within the Funan mall… You can already see the people behind the  main subject..

Also from inside the mall, but against a cleaner background.. But occasional obstacles sticks into the frame… *I could have clone it out.. but just trying to minimize the time I spend in photoshop and use it in Lightroom instead*

This one is from a “private” shoot where we invite the cosplayer to somewhere less crowded and take the shot over there. Also, this shot will be almost impossible if without precise instructions on how to pose against the camera.

*A rare appearance of a male cosplayer in my shots* Another “private” shoot along one of the vacant corridors…  *This was shot past 7pm…using ambient lights only.. I’ve pushed my ISO to 10000 which explains the noise..*

After shooting these cosplayers, I really realized my severe lack of understanding of flash and how to utilize it… Many times, when I did not feel that my shot did not have the “feel”, my instinct points me to turn off the flash and shoot!

I think I got to change this mentality and start learning flash… It will also better benefit the IQ of the images in the long run too..

Again, feel free to browse thru my Facebook Album here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151642799792720.1073741844.600157719&type=1&l=7e83411010 for the rest of the shots in the events… I will be slowly adding images to them once I’ve done processing..

*Now, taking a break from photo processing… Resuming again tomorrow night*