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Another rare appearance of my midweek post… This time, I’m just sharing a few of my processed shots on the Bornfire event that happened over the weekend. The events for the night revolves around Light (LEDs) and Fire…

But I was only there on Friday.. (mainly because it’s free). I wasn’t able to be there on other days (Sat, Sun) because of the Anime matsuri at Funan :p

Anyway, here are the shots..





Still processing the rest of the shot from this and other events…Will try to update whenever possible…

Technical Stuffs

I guess equipment will make alot of difference if you are trying to freeze motion in the dark hall where the performance are going on… You need to have good auto focusing system and maybe high ISO performance as well.

It doesn’t mean that with basic entry focusing system you can’t get the shot, just that it may take abit more time to focus in that place. And I personally find that manual focusing isn’t ideal for such fast paced action event…

High ISO may not be needed if you are going for long shutter speed and capturing light/fire trails. But if you are shooting freezing motion, you may want to bump up your ISO and couple it with a large aperture and fast shutter speed.

Although at times, you don’t need it as the light source can be close to the subject as such, low ISO can be used. For instance, for the 2nd shot, I’ve shot it at ISO 640, 1/125s, f3.2 (I was on shutter priority TV :p ) Shutter speed I’ve used mainly runs from 1/8s to 1/200s

The intensity of the light is always different, so imo, there isn’t any point in going manual as it will only slow you down.

So, in general, my metering is fixed at Evaluative/Matrix and the rest of the settings is just playing with the shutter speed and focusing points (should have changed it to Center weighted metering instead -_- but it slipped my mind when all the events gets started)..

But at the end of the event, I’m pretty much happier with my 5d setup with 70-200 than I will be with my crop + 70-200 setup… Main reason? the Focusing and high ISO. This event is one of the most challenging event I’ve shot, mainly due to the fast movements in low light condition which I always struggled with. That said, it’s not like the 5d3 is perfect, you will still get misfocused shots and at times completely out of focused shots.. But, I dare say that I will have more keepers on this 5d system than I will have on my 500D..

Anyway, enough of the gear talk… Back to my picture processing…


*Just in case anyone is curious about the White Balancing (WB), I white balanced it against a white wall when the “neutral” lights were on. And I set a custom WB against it, and all the WB in these shots here are “As Shot”.*