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A rare Monday update… In the span of 3 weeks, there have been 2 cosplay events… and more coming up this month!

And just sharing a few of my shots during the DBS Marina Regatta Cosplay as well as from the Funan Anime Matsuri!

DBS Marina Regatta Cosplay

These shots were taken 2 weeks ago….. Didn’t manage to have the chance to post it till today…

Below are just some of the selected ones for sharing…. the rest of the album can be found in my Facebook album here!!

My favorite shots from this particular event..




5D3_4929-Edit50mm f1.8 on 5d3




Anime Matsuri

Just a couple from Funan – Anime Matsuri… I still have loads to filter and process. For now, just picking the first 3 that caught my eye first…
Can you recognize her? She appeared in my first picture of my post :p



And over these events, I start to know them… as well as get to know other like minded photographers. And as like any shoot/shots, it’s quite satisfying when the photo is appreciated by the person intended for. In this case is the cosplayers themselves.

*You can see some of them go “wow!”, but there are other minor/major flaws that we photographers see, but they still liked it… or rather didn’t seem to mind, but irritates the hell out of photographers :p *

Technical Stuffs again…

To be honest, after using 5D3, I’ve rarely brought my 500D out into field anymore other than the trips where I require ultra wide angle which I’ve yet to own for a FF version (EF 17-40 f4). But for portraits session such as these, 50mm and 70-200 is all I have and brought out.

And as for the shots selected in this post, majority is shot on my new favorite lens 70-200 f2.8 IS II!!! The colors, clarity and sharpness is unmatched. But when the time it mattered for a aperture lower than 2.8, the 50mm comes into the scene… Despite softness of the image at f1.8, but at web resolution, I think it’s pretty sharp and decent… (refer to the one above with the 50mm comment). But I’m debating if I should go for a 35mm or 50mm for the upgrade.. because at times, 50mm is still rather tight…

And for my shooting style, you can see that I’ve shot real close up of them. From 1/2 body to head & Shoulder to just head shots. On rare occasions where space allows, a full body on either my 50mm or 70mm. Primary reason for going close up is as mentioned in all my cosplays post… To eliminate the noisy background, people, rubbish bins, litter, other cosplayers props etc.

As for equipment, At first, I felt that I’m lacking a flash that goes HSS… Useful when subject is backlit… But still, I’m trying to hold back any further purchases as far as possible…Been spending a fair bit already, especially so when I know that equipment is not the problem… 

I’ve got a chance to use 24-70 f2.8 II and 600EX-RT on my 5D3 while I was shooting the Anime Matsuri and another paid assignment. Despite owning such GREAT GEARS, I couldn’t seem to find and shoot what I’ve visioned… I think I need to shoot more and read more to know what am I lacking…

And it’s also due to all these shoots that I learnt other stuffs like lighting and color correction gels from hobbyist I’ve come to know during these events.

I’m still trying to see how they positioned the lights/flashes. Not being able to do similar stuffs, I’ll just observe for the time being…

Even thou I said I will try to hold back the purchases, I feel that I may be spending a couple of hundreds on flashes and triggers soon.. But before that, I will definitely get a correction gel first. This is the thing that saved my skin on my paid assignment today…If without it, I’ll probably be spending my night fixing 2 White balance issue in every shot…*The room is ORANGE and the flash is DAYLIGHT (if uncorrected), so I will require a full CTO gel to correct the color..*

Anyway, gotta get some sleep and prepare for work tomorrow…

Will continue to process the photos concurrently… And hope to post some more within the week..