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It’s almost 3 weeks since I’ve returned from Siem Reap…I’ve finally cleared the unprocessed shots from Siem Reap..

Sharing some of my shots from another of my favorite place from the days of visiting…

Ta Prohm and Tonle Sap Lake..

If you have watched Tomb Raider, some scenes are shot in Ta Prohm and some in other temples of Angkor…
Details of the Wall of the temple..


One of the scene that Tomb Raider was filmed… Refer to the youtube video below (1:33 min), but due to the years of visiting, part of the temple is now inaccessible or have collapsed

To view the scenes that are in the actual movie you can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZ7dy0NCNmA

Next up, Tonle Sap Lake… Fresh Water Lake. Due to the diggings around the coast, the water looks muddy to me in almost all ways. But still, it’s one of my favorite place. Main reason should be due to Water and Life.. For the past 2 days of temple visiting, most of the time, I felt “Ancient”, “Stale” or “Tourist” and Tonle Sap lake is all quite lively on the waters. And reflection of the skies on the waters is pretty cool too..

Just sharing a few shots I got on the lake. (In fact, I got waaaay more shots on the water than on any 3 of the temples combined) Do look at my facebook album for more shots on Siem Reap

Catching Fish


Going Home..


Sunset on the lake

On a personal thought, I feel that all temples that we visited in 4 days are all visited in a hurry and have not really took the time to appreciate the place.

I must admit that my eyes are stuck to the viewfinder and firing at any potential spots for interesting vantage points due to lack of time in all temples and shooting at not-so-ideal timings like 11-3pm (where the sun can literally cook you alive and burnt your highlights) I’ve committed the “sins” that a photographer should not have…

One should have slowed down his pace and feel the environment before taking the shot rather than chase angles in a hurry… Things shot in a rush gets deleted pretty fast too. From nearly 1000 images, after general cleaning up, leaving  aprox 300.. Those that I really liked, probably less than 10 (mostly from the lake)..

If given a chance to return, I’ll probably spend more time there and focus on a few specific temples rather than going for anything and everything..

I’ll be posting up the Sekinchan Trip in a short while after this… (This was the reason why I was missing from my weekly weekend post)..