A lot of trips going on for the past few weeks…within the span of 2 months, been going on 3 holidays (HK > Cambodia > Sekinchan) -_- I believe I got grounded for at least the next 3 months..

Anyway, this holiday consist of one full troop of 8 photographers. 2 vehicles – Driving up from Singapore to Selangor. Stopping by KL for a night for the Wesak (In SG, we term it as Vesak) day celebrations over there.

While walking over to the celebration site, as photographers, the moment we see anything that catches our eye, we get into our shooting mode…
*a snap outside the temple*

Know that we are running short of time, we hasten our pace to reach the site… Onsite, we were only managed to have about 15-20mins before the parade starts and we are not so keen to follow the parade to another location which is quite some distance away.. So, here are some of the shots before the parade gets on their way..


Vehicles on parade

Vesak Day

Well, it was a full moon on that day… and the clouds “suddenly” paved way for the moon to be seen… And I took a couple of shots and blended it into this below picture… *Blending is something I rarely do, but for this scene, it’s impossible to achieve without blending due to the difference in dynamic range. Estimated about 5-7 stops difference between the clouds and the moon*
Full Moon @ Sekinchan

And after the moon shooting, we returned to hotel and rest for the night before we travel to Sekinchan which is many hours of drive there..

But over at Sekinchan, I’m not sure why, but I’m not seeing the angle I want… Or rather, I’m not sure HOW to see the scene and to take a shot of it… Which is probably why I took alot of garbage shots and deleted them… Leaving a few which I think is probably decent..

Sekinchan Field
The Paddy Field…

Dragon Flare
Dragon Flare – From the temple.

Sunset at the fields
Sunset at the Fields – Against the factory

Unexpected Sunrise from the Hotel
Unexpected Sunrise at the hotel. The reason why it’s unexpected is because, during our sunset shoot, it rained… And usually, when it rains, the following morning will be overcast and will result in a bad sunrise shoot (usually), so no extra planning was made to go to the fields for sunrise. But when we woke up, we saw the scene…. Photographer’s instinct again… Reach for the camera, tripod and filters and start shooting… And that’s how this image came about…*Well, life is always full of surprises*

If there is regret for this place, it will be because I’m not able to see the stars…. Partly due to the moon (Full Moon!!) and the other part is the thick clouds.. Sigh.. I’ve never seen Milky Way with my own eyes before.. and was looking forward to it in fact.. But oh well…Life still goes on…

There shouldn’t be anymore trips at least for now… So probably I will be going back to my weekend activities of random shooting… Events, Landscapes, Cityscapes etc..

For Now back to some of my shots from Bornfire and Anime Matsuri Cosplay at Funan… Got loads to finish…