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A week has passed since I returned from Siem Reap…. And it’s a damn busy week too.. 1500s photos to process and little time to do so..

On top of it, the weekend is stuffed up with shooting activities and there isn’t really any time to do photo processing…. I really can’t imagine how those professional full time photographers manage it…

Anyway… From the batch that I’ve processed, I’ve selected a few photos to share in this post… For the bulk of it, you can browse my Facebook album here.

We were in Siem Reap for 4 days and 2 nights. So the places we visited have very limited time… Even in bad timing (for photography), we visited the temples ruins.

Our first place is the Bayon Temple with I really loved this place out of the temples we visited over the 3 days.


From the exterior, you can see the faces on the stones.. (Look at my facebook for the close ups of the “headshots”)

And from all temples we visited. ALL have very fine carvings carved on the stone pillars and walls. Thou some are ruined by age while others are vandalized…


Some interiors of the temple


Another fine carving on the wall.

Next up we have a couple of places, but I’ll skip those temples and go on to the main one… Angkor Wat…  This temple is also the one that we visited during a bad timing… at 2pm where the sun is scorching hot… Because of the weather and no water left in our bottles, we visited this beautiful temple in a hasty manner… (was pretty desperate for water after 1 hour of exploring)



The inner temple of Angkor Wat.. I have another one of the front view of this place, but it’s not processed yet.. I hope to get those rolled out soon… Overwhelmed by the number of photos to process..



Another fine carvings on the window grills!



The entrance to one of the sub-parts of the temple..



Monks.. Looking at the carvings on the wall. This whole piece of wall is carved with lots of drawings. (refer to my Facebook album again :p )

5D3_3543A man looking at the wall of sculptures..

As mentioned earlier, this is just a very small batch of the processed pics from the folder I have to filter and process… I really hope to find time to process these pics and upload them asap..


Technical Stuffs

For the trip, I brought along my 500D, 5d mkIII and my travel tripod (Sirui T1004X). Along with EF-S10-22, 24-105, 70-200 and 50mm… 10-22 is mounted on my 500D all the time… While 70-200 is on my 5d 95% of the time… the remaining 5% is allocated to 24-105 mostly for some mid range shoots..

In this trip, I focused quite a fair bit on the close-ups and fine details. Which are captured by my 10-22 and 70-200.

Shooting difficulties actually comes from the timing of the shoot… But as tourist on a very tight schedule, we don’t really have much choice other than to shoot in non-ideal timings such as 10am to 4pm. During this period, not only the heat is killing, the sun is also very harsh…

But… DEAL WITH IT. Know the limits of your equipment and be prepared to compromise on image quality since you know you have limitations.

Limitations = compromise in certain aspects.

I have more problems dealing with it when shooting it WIDE. As I tend to capture alot of sky which can be easily blown by the harsh sky… So, I had to underexpose the details quite badly and hope to recover them during post processing…


*Damn… Besides the photos from the trip, I have others that I’ve shot yesterday for the Cosplay events and today, a graduation shoot both contributes to another 1000 on top of the Siem Reap trip -_-“‘*

Think I need some rest now… resting early tonight. Chasing sunrise and shooting till late night and followed by a photoshoot from 7.30am is no joke mentally… (at least for me)

Hope to be able to post some more before I go on another trip this coming Friday (Vesak Day)…I believe this will add another 800-1000 shots to my backlog… *sigh*