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woosh, and it’s another weekend gone… And here I am in front of the computer on a Sunday night updating my blog..

I noticed that my updates used to be more consistent on Saturdays and Sundays..Now it seems that I’m only updating it on Sunday evenings…

Probably due to the reason that for the past many weeks, I was either on holiday or was busy shooting on Friday evening, Saturdays (usually full day). Sunday seems to be my only free time for processing and uploading of photos.

*I’ve still got quite a couple of photo folders unfiltered… Probably will take me more than a couple of nights to go thru them*

Anyway, yesterday (Saturday) evening, I was out at Orchard Road shooting the event “Fashion Steps Out 2013”. It’s in short a fashion show. Roads will be closed off, barricades will be setup and models will walk in the middle of the road displaying the latest trendy design fashion clothing, bags, sunglasses, hats etc…

Here are a couple of shots I got from this event. More should be coming up as soon as I get it processed. I hope to be able to post more before I leave for a short holiday in Siem Reap.




This event is also as challenging as any indoor events I’ve ever shot. Irregular spotlights with odd colours, unpredictable obstacles (e.g. heads popping into the frame, AETOS policeman walking into my frame, iPads in the air), and not forgetting the f*** spot I got for the shoot where I’m blocked by high bushes.. while the rest of the ideal spots are taken up. *You will be surprised by the sheer number of people owning dslrs and shooting the event…*

Well, once you get used to the above shooting condition, you will get over it during the shoot, even thou I will grumble once in a while (e.g. wtf is that phone in my frame .. ..).

Actually, I didn’t really face much technical issues (only user issue -_- me) when shooting this event as I was able to nail my shots with the snappy AF and with superior high ISO performance of 5D MK III paired with 70-200 f2.8 IS L II. I was on AI-Servo the whole night and It’s simply awesome!!! *I’ve finally got hold on how to change the AF settings to my needs*

The ISO used for most of my shots in this event is ranging from ISO 2000 to ISO8000..  coupled with shutter speed of 1/250s at f2.8 for almost all shots and flash is pretty much useless as it can’t reach the subject UNLESS you are shooting at full power.. (so, go figure how dark the place is…)

I was using Tv mode for the whole night… But I regretted not setting my shutter speed faster at 1/400 instead. Some of my shots suffered from subject movement, but not alot..

Meanwhile my partner using OM-D with 100-300 lens had great issues with both AF and ISO. I’m glad I did not choose to use my 500D instead (I was considering 500D for it’s focal length…) If I were using my crop body instead, I would have wasted the first 15mins before switching back to FF..


Now to catch some sleep…still gotta work in a couple of hours time.