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It’s flowers again!!!

And in fact, The reason I chosen this subject (flowers) to shoot is also to test out the “new” macro range I have. To those that know me, they know that I always wanted to go nearer for the wider perspective at macro range which the 50mm on crop is just a wee wee bit tighter that what I would have preferred.

And to be honest, I really loved this lens on FF even at “macro” range…*This adds to another reason to love the 50mm*

50mm with Raynox 250

50mm with Raynox + 60% Cropped

50mm f1.8 *Abit focusing errors or my part here.. But at the same time, 50mm also starts to shows it’s weakness wide open softness*

50mm f7.1

The 2 shots below are on my tele lens…I didn’t really thought of using a tele lens for flowers shooting, but I saw a couple of people at the garden dome doing it, so, I was thinking, I should also try and see if I can get some fresh perspective.. *I brought my 70-200 for an event which I thought of shooting later in the evening*




Thoughts on Dedicated Macro lens…

I remember that sometime ago (quite some months back), I was contemplating whether If I should get a dedicated macro lens. I’m now kinda glad that I did not buy it…

One of the reason being that I don’t shoot macro very often… If you realized that my last Flowerholic was almost 3 months ago. So, I don’t think this justifies at all if you think along the line “A new lens just for shooting macro once a quarter”.

One key thing to note about those wanting to shoot macro. You need to know what you can do and cannot do with the equipment. And whether you can live with the limitation or not.

In this case, I’m (still) perfectly fine using 50mm and Raynox 250 Macro adapter. Even thou it doesn’t give me the 1:1 magnification, but it serves my needs pretty well.

Dedicated Macro lens vs Raynox Setup

The only benefit (in my opinion) that a dedicated macro lens have only this raynox setup is that with a real macro lens, you will have more working distance and focus to infinity (from the Min focus distance and further away).

With the raynox setup, I will only have 1 magnification and it will be fixed at aprox 12cm away. If at this distance, you need a slightly wider framing, you are not likely be able to do so. *I’ll give you a max of 1 additional cm to back away. And this is only achieved by playing with the focusing.* Once you have hit the focusing limit, you will have to change your composition or accept it as it is.

Of course there are other real benefits too to a dedicated macro like diffraction limits and sharpness stuffs. But I usually live with it as I know it’s the limit to the equipment that I’m willing to live with.

Maybe years down the road, I may consider getting a macro lens if I got the spare cash. But not at the moment…

Benefits I see that Raynox have over Dedicated Macro lens is that I can easily detach the adapter from my lens and use it as a normal lens 🙂 And not forgetting the cost of this macro adapter. (~SGD$100), a dedicated macro lens cost at least $500 even for used.


Had to say it again, I realllllly loved this 50mm…

I will be dropping by on Labor day (1st May) to shoot the tulips.. Hoping for a nice bright sun that day