Having not post something of landscape/cityscape for the past few post, I was thinking of shooting some of it this weekend… But the weather isn’t really on my side when I attempted a proper landscape shoot this morning…

I was enjoying my shoot in the Garden Dome on Saturday (with my 50mm on FF + Raynox 250)… And I saw the tulips ready to bloom in 2 days time (which is tomorrow). The tulips will be on display from 29th April to 20th May. Which I will confirm be going down this coming weekend.

But anyway, after my mini-shoot at the Flower Dome, I went for a sunset shoot at the front of Marina Bay Sands.5D3_1895

When I reached the scene, I immediately noticed that the sun won’t be very visible. So instead of the traditional egg yolk and starburst, I went for the colors and hoping with long exposure, I can get some interesting Clouds movements and of course the brilliant colors of the sun.

Hoping for a equally beautiful sunrise, I went to bed hoping to shoot the following day’s sunrise back at Changi Beach Park with my partner.

But, when I reached there, we noticed that the clouds are exceptionally thick and there is also quite a fair bit of mist… *doesn’t sound good*

True enough, the beautiful colors of the sun didn’t even manage to get past the thick clouds.

The shoot results in black and white pictures since the colors are not optimal.



The toughest thing about the sunrise attempt is to find something which I feel is interesting and shoot it… The dull skies turned me off quite a fair bit which kinda clouded my judgement about the framing and compositions and seeking angles.

I’ll return here another day when I’m done with the tulips shoot in the Garden Dome at Garden By The Bay.

For the next couple of days, I shall be posting up my flower shots (this will be part of my ongoing Flowerholic album on my Facebook Page). For the shoot, I was using my 5d3 + 50mm f1.8 + Raynox 250. I’m really starting to love the 50mm even more. Previously on crop, I only loved it when it comes to tight head/shouder shots and macro. Now, I like this 50 for macro and normal street/candid shoot. 70-200 took the crown for my candid portraits and events shoot even at tight spaces!!!

A sneak preview of 50mm Raynox 250 on 5d3…

More will be coming…