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Sorry for the late updates for the photos.. Been busy during the week.. And at the same time busy with shooting with my 5d3.. *It’s really a joy to shoot with*

Below are just a couple of shots from the same event I shot last week (Ice Skating competition @ JCube)

Ice Skating @ JCube

Ice Skating @ JCube

Ice Skating @ JCube
This shot above is a direct 100% crop from the original raw file

Ice Skating @ JCube


As previously mentioned, I had quite abit of hits and misses. I’ve filled my 16gb of CF card + a few gigs in my 16gb SD just for this event. But only to return home filtering away at least 90%. Quite a fair bit due to OOF due to incorrect usage of the AF modes and settings and the remaining came from extra shots when I shot in high speed continuous (6 shots.)

Processing these photos can be quite tough.. Partially due to the lighting. This place is lighted up by florescent lights. That means you will encounter funny lighting situations where some parts of the ice is white while the other is yellowish or even brown. But because the lights are pretty high up, the effects are not so visible as compared to shooting in a low ceiling place. *As in my last post, most of my shots are at least 1/500s or faster.*

The rest of the shots from this event can be viewed from my Facebook album: here

Now to work on my follow up post… on the water skiing. I must say that I’m not exactly pleased with my works for the water skiing.. But nevertheless, I wll upload some parts to this blog.