I was testing out my newly acquired 5d3 at the Ice Skating competition at JCube (Jurong East). 70-200 IS II was paired up with this camera for the whole shoot..

Gears isn’t the problem… The problem is how to use the gear…

I spent more time fiddling with the controls and getting the “right” controls to find out that it’s wrong :p *I was referring to the AI Servo mode of the 5d3*

There are many AF setting to choose from and to fine tune if required… From sensitivity, Accel. decel. tracking and AF pt auto switching. I was like “what the heck” are all these settings… So I was spending quite some time reading the info in the camera and trying to understand it better.

Besides this, other stuffs to try included multiple exposure shots (which end up with a big fail, no shots produced :p )

But anyway, the main focus of the shoot was familiarize with the AI Servo AF system of 5d3 which I never used on my 500D (as it doesn’t work, I get more hits on one-shot mode than AI Servo mode).

I got a couple of hits and lots of misses… partially because of the wrong settings set for the AF module..

Used a shutter speed too slow….1/400s… After this shot, the rest are shot at 1/640s at least. And eventually I’m using 1/800s



When the track focus works, it works marvelously. I doubt I can go back using my 500D to shoot these kind of stuffs… *not that I shoot these events often*

I’m still trying to processing the rest of the shots from this series.. (blasted a full 16gb CF card + 1gb of 16gb on my SD card backup). *The high speed continuous burst mode is addictive…CAN’T STOP FIRING!!!*

It’s also thanks to this test shoot that I know what settings to used exactly for the other test shoot (water skiing, not wakeboarding) I shot this morning.



The above shot is a 100% crop from the original size…AF is spot on

More shots will be coming up for the 2 shoots in the next couple of days..


I’m still thinking of my 5d3 in my dreams… It’s a wonderful piece of equipment….