It’s almost one week since I’ve returned from Hong Kong. I have yet to really go into selecting and editing the photos from the trip… one reason being, the weather  condition over there is quite bad. Not exactly about the weather, but about the pollution…

Smog covers the sun and covered the once beautiful cityscape by the Avenue of the Stars. Needless to say, Victoria’s Peak should only be seeing a few low contrast high-rise buildings. Lower buildings and apartments shouldn’t be too visible (I didn’t went up to the peak. But this was what my friend who went there 1 week earlier told me).

So, most of the photos are still in my “To Process” folder…

Meanwhile…. on Thursday, I collected my 5D mkIII 🙂 Bought it 3 weeks ago and it was shipped here just days ago due to no available stock.

*The new camera is the real reason why the Hong Kong trip photos are still in the “To Process” folder. The new toy is more fun :p *

I dad quite alot of fun with my new camera! The bokeh bokeh thingy went all over my head one the first night after collection of the camera… Was playing with my 50mm f1.8 on 5d3 for the whole night. Bokeh Bokeh Bokehlicious!!!

Then the following day, Friday, I brought it down to my usual location for lonely Friday nights… Esplanade (again…)

In the past, low light is always something I dread thinking of… But this time, I set the ISO to auto (max capped at 12800) and just went “berserk” mode and go shooting!!!

I was on P mode and evaluative metering the whole night… Never felt the need/urge to go into Av or Tv mode which I usually set on my 500D.

Shots I took went from 800 to 6400. Mostly at 1600. But the main difference is, the image is CLEAN at 1600. No visible noise like my 500D. (Usually I will apply some noise reduction on my 500D to cover up).

Even if my 500D can cover up the noise at 1600, but the bokeh that allows the subject to be more isolated cannot be cooked up easily (at least with my level of skill..)



One of my favorite shot I got for the night of testing… 1/160s, f2.8, ISO 1600, 155mm

It’s also because of the test shoot with my 5d3 that I learnt abit more about the complicated camera… I still have lots to figure out and experiment…

My list of reasons to like this 5d3 can go very long…. but I’ll keep this short…

As compared to my 500D (EOS T1i)
– VERY much larger/brighter viewfinder. (100% coverage too!!!)
– SUPER DUPER HIGH ISO performance
– Alot of Focus points to choose from (it’s now easier to place the AF point on the person without having to focus and recompose)

Some (many) stuffs to get used to…
– Button placements. All except the ISO buttons are in different positions. From WB, Shooting Mode (Continuous, Single Shot etc), AF mode, playback, delete picture .. … (even the main mode dial PASM is on the other side) *ISO button is still located near the shutter release. Just that it’s quite abit smaller*

– The multi-directional controller. It’s a joy to use when selecting the focus points.
– The rear dial… Never had one of these on my 500D either, trying to adapt to it for ev compensation.

Focal Length, now my 50mm and 70-200mm is really at their respective focal length… I don’t have the crop factor anymore…. Strangely this doesn’t need much getting used to… It felt so natural….It’s as if, It’s finally been done right as compared to on my crop 500D

The list can really grow long fast… But I guess it’s only a matter of time before I get used to it…

*Earlier this morning, I brought it to shoot some “fast paced” activities… Ice Skating. Should be posting it up in the next couple of days 🙂 *

*Some activities are planned tml to test out the AF again.. Hope for a fine weather!*