As you people know, 23rd March is the Earth Hour….where during the hour, non-essential lights will be turned off.

In Singapore, the event is held at the Floating Platform at Esplanade. And I was there mainly to see what’s going on :p (to join in the crowd). This is my first time joining in the Earth Hour (I believe it was held in Singapore for the past few years.)

I was there with my gears, hoping to catch some actions, events, emotions etc… But when I actually reached location, I was not quite sure what to capture. Nothing really catches my eye.

But when the hour arrives and the lights were switched off, there were only 3 areas that were lighted up and of which 2 of it are lighted up by LED lights, the last area is actually a movie screening. The power to screen the movie was “generated” by the people in the afternoon and the power being stored in the “battery cells”. They have been storing “power” for 3 hours before the earth hour just to power up the projector to screen the movie during the 1 hour.

*And of the 3 areas, only the LED lights captured my eyes…*

But I didn’t manage to get alot of shots, since there isn’t much activity going on there…

Earth Hour

Earth Hour

From the above 2 picture, probably you can tell how “big” the area is….And soon after taking the shots, I went off with my friends to find some drinks…..It was really hot out there.

During the water break, I was told by my friend that the activities that were going on for Earth Hour in Singapore is getting worse by the year.

But I thought to myself, the more activities one is going to plan, that also means using electricity. According to this friend of mine, last year, they lighted up candles…. my first thought, I would rather put out that flame and reduce the amount of carbon released into the air….

This year, probably they given some thoughts about the carbon footprint issue and used LED lights instead (I guess…)

Overall, this event definitely isn’t the most exciting one, but in a certain manner, meaningful to the world….


Technical Stuffs

If you guys have read my whining from ages past, you should be able to guess what I’m about to talk about…. LOW LIGHT! HIGH ISO!

Well, for a change, instead of whining, I’m actually rather grateful that I do have the high ISO to use… as compared to those using compact cameras which most of those cameras wont be able to capture much things in this kind of lighting situation. *I was on ISO3200 for most of the shots after the lights went out*

Focusing is definitely an issue, and I would guess ANY camera would have issues nailing perfect focus in this lighting situation…So, just work within limits and manual focus if needed.


*On Friday, I finally placed order for my dream camera…… I hope it arrives soon enough. Getting too excited that I have insomnia for the past few nights -_- *