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A Cosplay event that I shot last Sunday at Jurong Point… It was this event that eventually led me to the shoot at Chinese Garden.

This cosplay event is actually quite a small (miniature) scale event held in a premise of a shopping centre. I would estimate the stage space to be at most 15m by 6m… Shooting space is scarce… Especially when there are other events going on at the same time at the same event floor space.

With the limited floor space, composition was quite tough… And I believe the following shot is the only 1 I got that passed my “screening”

Export - IMG_1674

After the cosplay competition on the stage, I happen to bump into another friend of mine that told me to go to the gathering places for the cosplayers…

Upon reaching there, I saw quite a couple more cosplayers in their “casual mode” and also in a place with ‘plenty’ of space to shoot (much more that the event space, but not that much space for a 70-200 to be very useful on a crop).

Flipping out my camera, I went shooting…

Export - IMG_1757


A quick shot with my 70-200… before I quickly changed into a 17-50 due to the space constrain in the area..


Export - IMG_1769


A wide angle shot with this 13yr old  cosplayer.

A couple more shots with this cosplayer with her friends…

Export - IMG_1791


Export - IMG_1807


The shots I got made my day much better than If I’m just stuck at the event floor with many obstacles, distractions and limited shooting space.

As a result of going into the gathering area, I manage to know a couple more cosplay photographers as well as knowing a couple of the cosplayers as well… Something which I would have never dared to approach if I’m alone.


Technical Notes?

All the shots I caught in the event space earlier are within the ISO of 100-400 (low ISO have more processing possibilities to play with). While most (if not all) of the shots done in the gathering area are shot at ISO1600, f4 with flash fired. For the noise in the images, I find it acceptable 1024px long side. Composition and processing are the other stuffs I think I need to work on.

Now to wait for the weekend to come by then go shooting…..