Chinese Garden is one of the many place that I have visited but yet to have shot this place before…. Main reason should would include that this place is pretty far from my house… and when I’m there at other times, It’ because of the Mooncake Festival (Lantern Festival) where there are too much crowd.

As for this shoot in Chinese Garden, I just so happened to have another event shoot in Jurong point (2 MRT stations away) where it finishes at around 5pm.

When I reached Chinese Garden, the sun is still pretty hot. Gotta find locations while the sun is still high up… Spent a bit of time walking to find suitable angles to shoot. But there are a few wedding shoots going on there at the same time, which somehow limits the number of places you can go (since I don’t want to be crashing into the couple shoot and making life for them miserable).

And just sharing some shots I got playing with long exposure… It feels like quite sometime since I have last played with it…

Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden



I think I may drop by again If I happen to be in the area for some shoots… But not likely for me to travel just here to shoot this place… Unless it’s some portraits shoot.

It also seems that I need to find some places to shoot this coming weekend… Still got a week to think about it…