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It’s probably about 2 years since I last came here. The first time I came here was when I was first starting out photography. Back then, I was so eager to shoot anything and everything during then…totally ignoring all stuffs just to satisfy the shooting desire.

This time, I’m back not mainly for photography, but for a morning walk in the Reservoir Park. More like a mini-hike of 12km… A walk to the “Tree Top” which is located aprox 5km from the starting point. After which one can choose to go back the way they came or they can complete the “circle” and return to the starting point.

Despite not mainly here for photography, I still brought my Camera AND Tripod…Brought along a kit 18-55mm and my UWA 10-22mm coupled along with a few filters (ND110 and CPL).

At first I thought I will just walk for ~4km and be done for the walk… (which is why I brought the tripod along) But after walking for ~2km for photo shooting.

Export - IMG_1533

Kit 18-55

Export - IMG_1561

UWA 10-22, CPL with ND110 – It’s only today I realized the “unique” behaviour of the CPL… When I turn, there will be a blob of “reflectionless” spot following the angle I turn.. Just that one spot..I guess It’s probably the angle of the light source that may have something to do with it.. Will experiment more when I do more of such shoots

*The light from this morning isn’t really ideal for shooting as it’s relatively cloudy (it’s almost a complete overcast), So the shots I have are mainly low contrast shots. I couldn’t quite work out the original colours of the low contrast scene, which is why it’s converted to B/W where I feel that it’s easier to work with for low contrast scene*

It’s only 2km, and I thought that it’s nothing even if I walk back and completing the 4km plan. So I continued to walk further and further (to the start point and beyond)…. before I know it, I’m on the trail to the tree top walk… There is only 1 path… It’s either one goes to the top and return   from the other side or one can simply just turn back on the spot and return from the way one came from.

And after about 1.5 hour of walking, I reached the top… As mentioned above, it’s about 5km from start… And the last 200m is a walking up a slope… By then, I can feel the strain on my thighs and I did a bit of stretching before proceeding with the walk…

This tree top walk is a suspension bridge which on the highest point is 25m above the canopies…But the scenery is something which I would put my camera away and just walk -_-“‘ *Not really what I was expecting….*

The “horror” of this Tree Top walk is at the end… Where I saw this flight of stairs………. My legs was really quite tired during then.. (I could walk normal uneven terrain, but not climb steps)…

Thankfully, after the flight of stairs is a shelter where I took a 10min breather before proceeding back to the starting point.

After aprox 1.5-2km away from the Tree Top, the remaining route’s terrain will be like show below.. A normal tar road track, pretty nice to walk on. But you can see from the picture, the furtherest point is where the starting point is (~3+km more to go)…. (*right above the runner’s head*)

Export - IMG_1605

10:39am with ~3km more to starting point… The sun is starting to get hot…

Export - IMG_1609

Walking alittle down further the same road, this “kind” tree was helping to block out the sun. Where I took my another 5 min breather before I continue the rest of the route with no rest/stop.

When I finally reached the end point, I went straight to the bus stop to catch a bus to go EAT MY LUNCH! I was very hungry at that point in time, I had a very light breakfast (if you call a cup of coffee breakfast…)

And this pretty much sums up my Sunday morning…

I hope my legs don’t feel the strain tomorrow when I wake up… It’s really been sometime since I last pushed my legs like this..

*I’m still trying to find some motivation to return to the HuaYi event shots processing (the last and final batch)… Which is probably the reason why I choose to stop working on it and went on a “walk in the park”.. Hopefully after this “rest”, I can get back to shape and work on the remaining shots from then.*