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Wednesday night…. Finally some “me” time again… Been really caught up with work for the past few days…

The series of shots below is from the HuaYi 华艺 performance and the last night for Festive Pulses performances put up by Wufang Singapore, Diabolo Art, Zingo Festival Drum Group & Drummer Studio.

But for the last night which I attended, The drum shows is performed by Drummer Studio instead of ZingO Festival Drum Group. But the rest of the performances are still performed by the same artiste who have been performing for the past 5 nights (12 sessions over 5 nights). But I’ve also noticed that for this night, there are lesser artiste performing, and the shows are slightly shorter… I would assume that it’s because it’s a weekday and some of the performers are not available due to either work or school and also the fact that there are lesser crowds on normal weekdays.

Also, You could tell from their performance that they are mentally tired after running so many shows. There are a bit of misses (the only night from which I see misses, the other nights are PERFECT) from the Diabolo art performances, but I will say that it’s expected… After so many sessions, there should be at least some form of fatigue physically and mentally and it will affect their performance which requires quite a high amount of concentration.

But still, nevertheless, the performance put together is enough for the audience to enjoy a good performance which they won’t forget.

Drummer Studio

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Export - IMG_9785

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Even the drum stand can be used for music!

Export - IMG_9878

Martial Arts

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Thoughts during image selection and processing

A quick look into the folder of the shots I’ve shot for the night, it easily hit 400. It’s quite a sad number actually…. not because it’s too little or too much. But it’s the fact that I’ve shot most of the shots are just shot without thinking too deeply into it. And as a result, even from the thumbnail, you could tell that many of them won’t make it through the composition phase. (If it don’t catch your eye in thumbnail, you wouldn’t be catching anyone’s attention at larger size. There are always exceptions….but rarely)

After the thumbnail filtering, it will be the focusing… Is the shot spot on focused or off focused? Most of the time, I would be spending more time taking the shot than to review on the Camera LCD screen to check if the shot is focused or not. Especially when many scenes in the performance is about action… Not very likely you can get a 2nd chance to get the shot.

After the first 2 process, it will hit the “last” phase, image processing…Which is something that I still sucked at. As a thumb rule, a photo shouldn’t take more than 5 mins (some people say 3 mins) to process. If it’s beyond this number, you are not enhancing the picture but saving the picture. I got to confess that I spend an average of 10 mins per photo I’ve selected. For those shots who made it thru the first 2 phase, can also get eliminated if I spend too much time on the shot and it still looks bad. (E.g. 5 mins and still not much progress). Those that I worked “extra” for are those that after 3-5 mins and still looks decent enough (to me at least)…

After the “last” phase is done, most (if not all) are not ready for display…I will usually try to re-look into the shots the following day or the next. The main reasons include a change in perspective due to different state of mentality. Thoughts can be clouded by feelings and emotions. Although it’s generally thought to be best to process the photos immediately after the shoot to keep the feeling “fresh”, but after shooting for sometime, I find it’s better to let the emotions settle down then look at it again. When our emotions settle down, it will be easier for one to imagine from the viewers point of view. As most viewers aren’t at the same event and also not necessarily feeling the same thing even if he/she was.

*tldr; In short, after a cooldown period, it’s easier to “really” see your own photos from a viewer’s point of view.*

As a result of such, It’s much much easier to delete photos which I originally find it so hard to delete….

It’s after these then the final batch or the survivors will make it to the final processing (if needed) before display…

BUT There way too many cases when I did not give myself the cooldown and I start to process and upload them for display. When revisiting the photos back in my Lightroom, I feel like deleting all those shots…. As I couldn’t feel anything from those shots… A typical recent example is my shots from the Chingay.

I’m still hoping to learn to shoot, learn to see and learn to process…

For the HuaYi event, I’ve still got the Steps of Spring (Dance) which I should be posting up in my blog in my next available night.