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The batch of photos for the Diabolo is finally done (almost 3 weeks after the event)….

To recap… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diabolo

You will notice that most of the shots I’ve captured below belongs to the “basic” techniques… My attempts to capture those advance tricks ends up pretty bad.

But despite the basic techniques, I can also say that it won’t be very easy to master it to such level for performance and to execute it without errors.

Below are some of the shots which I got from my many sessions of shooting the Diabolo session.

Export - IMG_8738

Export - IMG_9257

Export - IMG_9281

Export - IMG_9315

Export - IMG_9324

Export - IMG_9326

*This lead diaboloist can really play the diabolo in any position…Standing, Squating, while doing splits, hopping…*

Export - IMG_9377

Passing it over.

Export - IMG_9570

Export - IMG_9615

Up in the sky

For more of the diabolo performance as well as other HuaYi performance shots, please view my Facebook album here

Next up should still be the HuaYi events for the Drums (another group), and some dances. You should be able to see a couple of them in the Facebook album, but I should only be writing up for it either tomorrow or the following night.

*Now I’m finally down to the last folder of 200 photos to filter out…. Can’t believe it’s over a 1000 just last week..*