Finally done with the Chingay shots… carried on from where I stopped last night.

But like I said in my earlier post, from an audience point of view, it’s a great performance/parade put up by the participating countries in the regional countries. If you do have the chance to watch it, please do!

Sharing some of my shots in this post. For the full album, please view them from my  Facebook album here. I believe that in my FB album, you can see how many “heads” there are in my photos, as well as other “foreign” objects.Export - IMG_1097

Export - IMG_1168

Export - IMG_1123

Export - IMG_1226

Export - IMG_1169

Export - IMG_1267

Export - IMG_1259

Export - IMG_1410
Snow fall
Export - IMG_1313

Export - IMG_1446

Export - IMG_1438

And here’s a video of the Fireworks Finale…From my Facebook video again or from Youtube

I should be getting back to my Esplanade events again after this post (and a good night sleep..)