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Another weekend just went by…. A busy one I would say…Before I’m done with the HuaYi event shots, I got (get) to shoot the Chingay 2013. I was able to get hold of a free ticket thanks to a friend of mine.

If one were to purchase the tickets, it would cost $50 or $60. For tickets holder, you will be given a seat in the grand stand (because the parade is held in the F1 pit), while for the general public, you will have to stand quite further down outside the building for the whole parade. Also note that the whole event is outdoor. There isn’t any shelter if it rains..

A short history of Chingay…

On 4 February 1973, the first Singapore Chingay parade was held partly as a result of the ban on firecrackers a year earlier in 1972 as a result of fire hazards. This ban was viewed unfavourably despite the safety issues involved. Some people felt that the ban would result in a much dampened festival mood for the Chinese New Year period. To address this issue, the People’s Association and the Singapore National Pugilistic Association jointly organised a street parade from Jalan Besar to Outram Park featuring the signature floats, acrobatic acts, lion and dragon dances, stilt walkers, and the like, to bring back some cheer to the general public.

For a more detailed read up on Chingay, you are refer to the wiki link here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chingay_Parade_(South_East_Asia)

It’s my first time shooting the Chingay event…Like any other events I’ve attended, I have no prior experience of what’s the situation going to be like and how far will I be seated, the lightings, the pace of the events… heck, just enjoy and shoot 🙂 

Of course not knowing what the situation is like, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the parade and shoot at the same time. Just that one may have more challenges when shooting..

Below are some of my shots from this batch of edits (still have another 1 or 2 batch before I’m done with this event). Hope I can get it out during the week…

This batch is pretty much about local performers. The rest of the batch should be mostly from neighbouring countries.

*I should be getting back to the HuaYi event shots after the Chingay “interruption”…*

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Can’t say that I’m satisfied with what I shot at this event…But as a audience watching the performance, it’s spectacular. (Especially the ambience) It’s totally different from what I watched on TV over the years. The roaring/cheering from the audience, the surround sound and watching it LIVE on scene… (TV’s video is flat….)

My usual grumblings about shooting the event….

Personally, I’m not really satisfied with my shots off this event… But not much complaints about the equipment I’m using…..other than with quite abit of the low light action shots…high iso noise.

But the main “problem” I feel is that the view/perspective is limited to the seat….You can have the reach of the focal length, good high ISO performance but you are still limited what you can see. Because of the crowed (even on the stairs), it won’t be possible to move your ass (MYA) around to get different perspectives.

Next up is more on during post processing or even when one decides to take the shot… The lightings…This is probably the first time I’ve been to an event that shoot  weird colours combinations at the parade… Red, Green, Blue… Mix any 2 and shoot one in front and the other from the side…Pretty much hard to get a correct WB..

/End of rant..

I think next time I should try to get those volunteer photog passes that allows photogs to go for the rehearsals and the actual and at the same time shoot ON THE PARADE GROUND!

Now for some rest… and continue the batch tml night…