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A couple of days ago, I’ve posted up the shots for the drums performance, during then I was still processing the shots I got from the martial arts… Finally got this one done…

Sharing a few shots from this martial arts performance.

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The performers have been learning martial arts from the Martial Arts school Wufang. And from the performance they have put up on the stage, it’s nothing short of an impressive display of martial arts from the school.

In Chinese saying, 台上一分钟,台下十年功, translated to English: A minute of performance on stage is 10 years of work put in. Some (if not most) of the artist are still schooling.. To reach the level where you can perform these arts on the stage, they must have spent alot of time (maybe years) practising these moves as well as juggling with their school work.

Also, this is my first time shooting martial arts performance, as such there are quite abit of screw ups during the shoot too (especially with the framing and focusing). I would guess if there are any more these kind of wushu display locally, I would likely be there to enjoy the show and to practise my shooting skills.

Now, to my last set of photos from that night…. the Diabolo.