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For the past few days, we were celebrating the Chinese New Year (CNY).. Other than visiting relatives and friends, we also get to eat alot of CNY goodies. And some of these goodies are only made during this season, while others are just that more popular during this season (e.g. Baw Kwa…)

For me, visiting was only on the first day of CNY. While on the 2nd day, relatives will visit my house (the arrangements is different from family to family). So on the 2nd day of CNY (Monday), there was some spare time….

I returned to the Flower Dome for more flower shoot…This time spending more time in the Dome… For the trip, I was mostly using my 50mm and my Raynox 250 (again) for the flower shots.

Here are some of shots I got from the morning there….

Export - IMG_8369

Export - IMG_8364

Export - IMG_8356-Edit

Export - IMG_8323

Export - IMG_8322

A bit of cropping magic is required for this above shot… That’s what megapixels are for anyway :p

Export - IMG_8253

Personally, I find the performance of this combination (50mm + Raynox) pretty good. Other than some  little things that is abit inconvenient (e.g with Raynox 250, I’m only able to focus at X cm instead of from Xcm to infinity. While without it, I’m only able to focus from 45cm to infinity).

Well, to get rid of the inconvenience, one have to shell out a few hundred bucks for a real macro lens, I think I can live with this combination for now…. I’m still not a hardcore macro lover yet…

I think I may drop by the River Hong Bao (http://www.riverhongbao.sg/) this coming week…. Haven’t shot around the area yet other than on the Lighting Up ceremony day… which my group only shot the fireworks and left the area…

Hope to have something nice to post up by the end of the week…..