Sigh, I was planning to go visit the Cloud Forest @ Gardens By the Bay (the 2nd conservatory which I did not visit last week) today… Then it rained….heavily… (it’s still raining now, since morning)

Nothing much to do, I dug out my macro focus rail, raynox 250 close up filter and my camera and took a walk around my corridor where my mother grew flower and plants…

After a few shots in the garden, I realized that it wasn’t a very good idea to shoot too…. due to the lack of light… Low Light + Macro = High ISO. The plants will not stay still, there is always wind blowing every now and then making attempts to shoot difficult.

So, the next thing which I did was to take out my LED torch light and started playing with it by shinning it on the flowers, leaves and see how it can improve the lighting condition. To a certain extent, it makes shooting slightly easier… as I can maintain a higher shutter speed and slightly lower ISO. But it’s pretty hard to make lighting consistent as it’s handheld. The angle of the light, the intensity of the light, they are all different for each shot -_- which makes life also harder to get another similar shot.

After shooting for ~30mins, I decided to call it quits…. it’s really hard to even shoot in this poor lighting.

I ended up with over 50 shots but no keepers….or maybe just 1… which barely made it to my keeper list…

Export - IMG_7899

I would have preferred to shoot in a Sunny day where I don’t have to focus on my LED lighting position, intensity and just focus on composing and shooting… * Droplets can be added using the water spray*

Should be trying flower shoots again after Chinese New Year. For the coming week, there seems to have CNY events going on at Chinatown and at the Floating Platform (Marina Bay).

Programs at Chinatown –
t the Floating Platform –

Hope to get some fine weather during those event days…