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The Chinese New Year is round the corner again. During this period of time, the streets of Chinatown would usually be swamped by locals to get their CNY food stuffs and decoration…

But this particular weekend, It’s raining on both Sat (Rain started from 1am to 7pm) and Sun (from 3pm till time of writing 11.30pm)…Meaning to shoot, one will have to hold an umbrella and still able to shoot in 1 hand. For those owning smaller cameras like Micro 4/3s or Compact camera would find this task easier than traditional DSLR users.

Luckily for me, I’m still on an entry body DSLR camera…. and using my lightest lens (50mm), the total weight for this setup weighs only about (close to) 600g. Quite manageable for me…

*The only downer is the fixed focal length at 80mm (FF equivalent), Still I would pick this lens over my 10-22 or 70-200 I’ve brought out that day…*

Below are just some snaps I got for this shoot…

Export - IMG_0670

Export - IMG_0676

Export - IMG_0687

Export - IMG_0699

The below is shot using my UWA after the rain stops… and during the evening time.  Really thought that the expression of this kid is interesting…
Export - IMG_0816

I will try to drop by Chinatown again before CNY that will happen on the 9th/10th Feb. I believe I will only be bringing my 10-22 and 50mm this time. Hopefully would be able to get more of the shoppers in my shots…

I believe next week, I would be probably shooting the Thaipusam event in Little India from night till dawn. May have a chance to drop by for a afternoon shoot at Chinatown before that happens…

Really hope for a nice sunny weather… (thou the rainy weather is nice too… very cosy to sleep with blankets on :p )

Until then 🙂