I was up early yesterday…. to attempt another sunrise shoot again. This time, at Pinnacle@Duxton.

It’s actually just another tall building.. but in the City area. It has a nice view of the city… Pinnacle @ Duxton

But it was quite a bad day to shoot Sunrise… As it’s very misty. Apart from the mist,  from the above picture, you can see that the overcast is pretty bad…. The sun is going to come right up in the middle of these buildings.

In the end, this was the only shot I processed as the rest went straight to the recycle bin after the pictures were loaded into Lightroom.

I seem to have bad luck with sunrise this weekend. Attempted another one this morning too… Ended in failure due to the same reason… Heavily overcast skies. Really hope to have some nice weather next weekend, as next weekend, the Chinese New Year lightings will be switched on! There will be some performances during the evening time too! Just hoping that I can get some “space” to see the performance.

I heard that there will be fireworks next weekend during the lighting up of the Chinese New Year Lightings too.. But I guess it will be hard to plan a location to shoot the fireworks as there will be too much crowd to even get some walking space.. Have to see how it goes…