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Back to Clarke Quay again…. Actually, it wasn’t really in my plan to visit this place for sunset. It just so happen that I was shooting cityscape (+ some delays) and by sunset timing, I was sooo near to this place, and I just went up to my usual spot for sunset.

To my suprise, many others have already lined up along the glass panels waiting for the right moment.

Sunset @ Clarke Quay

Thou it was not in my plan to shoot sunset at this place, I’m damn glad I did… It is one of the nicest sunset I’ve seen in months….

*And because I left my shutter release cable at home, I have to shoot at ISO400… which results in quite a fair bit of noise in this long exposure shoot… well, but I think it should still print pretty well in 8R size*

Some of the city shooting I’ve done before this sunset….

Export - IMG_9757
Dream Stop in the City

Export - IMG_9776-3
People in the City

Export - IMG_9709-2

After such a awesome sunset, knowing how weather works, I thought I should have a good chance of a nice sunrise too, so I prep my stuffs for sunrise right after I reached home after this cityscape shoot.

*I’m still in the midst of processing my Sunrise shots from this morning… Should be done maybe tonight or tomorrow…*