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Since the sunset yesterday was soooo awesome, I thought that I may have a nice chance for a good sunrise… So I did whatever readings I have about the azimuth where the sun rises…. For this morning, it states 112. I thought I had a pretty nice angle from my usual spot…

I had to make the effort to wake up extra early to shoot the sunrise on a Sunday morning….

By 6:30am, I was at my usual sunrise location waiting for Dawn…
Export - IMG_9938

I really thought that the sun will come up right in the middle where I thought it will appear…. So I waited….Export - IMG_9954

By 7:10am, I know that it’s going to rise behind the building…..
Export - IMG_9979

I still shoot whatever I can even if the sun is behind the building… *Well, better than a no shot..*

Sigh… After the sunrise, I took a walk in my neighbourhood park (Bishan Park) to see what I can shoot to kill some time before breakfast…

Export - IMG_9990
So I went back to shoot one of my favourite stuffs… Silhouettes…

After a few random shots… I just stopped by the McDonald in the park and had my breakfast…

After the breakfast, I went for a bit of scouting for new sunrise viewing points….Manage to find another nice spot… But will have to wait till next weekend before I know if it will turn out nice or not..

Recently, I found that my always underutilized 50mm f1.8 is making way into my bag frequently…. Of course my main lens would be my EF-S 10-22 😀 (One of the last few reasons why I stayed on crop body)

For now, I can only hope for a good weather next week for a Sunrise shoot….