On New Year Day, I was scouting with my friend in the city area to find new places to shoot some cityscapes. And we found this nice little spot in a tall residential building in Chinatown….Chinatown
“Miniature City” : My first thought is always to hit the top floor :p It’s just a habit… And this is what I got here. It really looks like a miniature town. Pretty “cute”.. After a couple of snaps, we moved to a more levelled view…

“Tradition within the modern world city” The miniature town that we saw moments ago became so much more real…

Just a simple change in height perspective can make so much changes to the scene. So, remember to try a couple of different perspective, you may end up with interesting results! That’s what makes photography fun 🙂

Also because of the “not-so-ideal” time I shot these buildings, I will likely be returning to this spot again.