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Hope you guys are enjoying your new year holiday… Mine just ended 10 mins ago as of writing..

I thought I should just share the remaining shots of the “First Light 2013”. This time, in Colour 🙂

First Light in CBD - 2013
Taken just before the city street lamps went off

First Light 2013 (Color)
After the city lights went off. The exact same picture as the previous B&W picture I’ve posted earlier, just that this is in full colour.

For those who are wondering how to get the silky waters, you will need a ND filter (Neutral Density). This will allow you to get lengthen your shutter speed time which in this case will even out the water reflections. Usually, if one is not using a ND filter, you will see ripples.

*The one I’m using is a 10 Stop ND filter.. With this filter, I can easily extend the shutter speed to many seconds in bright daylight*

For more information about ND filters, you can read up on this website: http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/neutral-density-filters.htm


And still not forgetting, once again, Happy New Year… *Getting back to work in 6 hours time…*