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It’s been some months since I’ve last shot around Clarke Quay…Export - IMG_9291

Don’t seem like anything much have changed….But some things are never the same. The skies, the water,  the boats, the people etc. They may still be there, but that moment which I took this shot is lost forever.

As with every passing moment, a moment is lost. You can never get back that moment. No matter how much you try to replicate the scene (well, unless you are talking about a perfectly controlled studio product shoot -_-), you will never get the exact same shot.

That is why a photograph is only a memory of that moment in time.Export - IMG_9354
Another slice of time at Clarke Quay by the Singapore River

Even thou I have a tripod with me, I chose to use high ISO for the 2nd shot. Because of a couple of elements in the frame..There are moving objects in the frame (human, water, boat)… I would have preferred for these objects to be sharp than have some form of movement blur. In normal scenario, I would have liked silky waters (from low ISO and long shutter speed), but in this case, I like the movements of the water, so that this scene feels more ‘dynamic’.


Thoughts After the shoot…

Once again, I’m reminded how important a spare battery is important…. When I reached the scene, the battery in my Camera was flat, I guess it’s due to some firmware bug that keep draining the battery power even when not in use. Thankfully, I have a habit of bringing my spare battery around and this time it proven to be very useful.

*Most of the time when I brought my spare battery around, it won’t be used at all*

I’m still thankful that I brought it along. It can be a mood killer when your battery runs flat during the shoot and no spares to change to. I’ve experienced that once when I first started out in photography…and I NEVER want to experience that again.

I should be making my way to a couple of locations in the city to explore more cityscapes in the coming months….