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I think this may be the last time (or 2nd last time) I’m returning to Tanglin Mall for it’s snow event. As after X’mas, many would not be going to this place anymore. And I would expect that the atmosphere will be very different to pre-X’mas. That said, I may be returning there tomorrow (X’mas eve) for some final shoots before X’mas.

And, once again, I’m shooting from the sidelines again…Shooting in with my telephoto lens…The shots may not be as dynamic as compared to what my friend have shot (as he he went all the way into the “mess” to take the shots with a OM-D with 20mm)

I was carrying quite abit of stuffs (A relatively backpack with a tripod on the sides), If I were to go in, movements will be restricted and at worse case causing injuries to the kids in there… (something I would like to avoid at all cost).

Despite shooting from the sidelines, I still quite enjoyed the event, but not nearly as much as the previous time I was there… Sole reason being that the crowd is waaay more than before. (Easily 3x more than before), finding a shooting angle will be tough, lots of movements which may block my line of sight after I got my subject in composition. But such conditions are expected when shooting “events”, and challenges faced is 1/2 the fun in it too :p

Sharing some of my shots

Export - IMG_8967
A cute girl playing at the snow machine

Export - IMG_8918
“Eh, what is this?”

Export - IMG_8924
More fun in the snow

Export - IMG_8983
Happy Moments

Export - IMG_8986

More shots can be found in my Facebook album here. I usually don’t upload everything to Flickr, only those that I felt best represented the event that I shot in..

As for the gears that I brought along for this snow event if for a shoot that follows after this snow event.. And that is to shoot the X’mas decorations along Orchard road – Sommerset. Usually these are the places with the most X’mas decorations. But because of the amount of crowd, one may have to wait till quite late (past 11pm to 1am) to have lesser people around those decorations to allow one to setup their shots.

I shall be sharing those shot after I’m really done shooting tomorrow. *Currently, just hoping for a fine weather tomorrow…. Heavy rain in the recent weeks… Especially during the afternoon to evening time*