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I’m finally done with the last batch of my EOY photos…. Actually, the last batch is only on ONE of the cosplayer, cosplaying as Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII (FF7) Advent Children.

To be honest, this is the best cosplayer I’ve seen that day. She really resembles quite a fair bit like the original one from the FF7 CG (computer graphics)!

Here are some of the shots of this cosplayer!

Export - IMG_8743
A half body shot @ 50mm

Export - IMG_8734
3/4 body @ 50mm

Export - IMG_8718-2
Full Body @ 70mm

Export - IMG_8633
Another 1/2 Body Shot @ 70mm

If you have missed out the previous 2 post I’ve posted earlier in the week, check them out here:

Possibly the only reason why Tifa is the last batch is because I’ve shot way too many shots of her…. probably 1/5 of my all shots is all about her. So I wanted to consolidate those about her and then filter out those which I deem as repetitive.

And you can guess the only reason why I have so many shots about her, she looks really like the real deal when I first saw her appearance in EOY. Actually, the first time I saw her appearance, I was only brushing pass her to get to another cosplaying area. Even a VERY quick glance, I was thinking, “wow, reminds me of FF7 Tifa, not sure if she’s cosplaying…”

Eventually, I got to know, she IS cosplaying as Tifa… and you can also expect the LARGE crowd of photographers stalking her throughout the whole event… (I may be also part of the crowd :p ) But I stopped after I got enough.. (really, felt that I got waaaaay too many shots of her).

*Really, she s really like a CG come to life….*

For those wondering about how the original CG from FF7 looks like, you can head over to Google Images: Tifa Lockhart Advent Children or take a look at one of the image I grabbed from Google Image

Source: http://www.finalfantasy.websnadno.cz

Thoughts about the event

About the event, I really think, it’s one of the even I enjoyed the most even thou there aren’t alot of cosplayers! A couple of reasons I can think of is

  • I don’t have to worry about camera details like ISO going too high 🙂 . Because there is ALOT of sunlight…most if not all, are shot at ISO100. (So there is minimal noise in the photos 🙂 ) I was able to spend my worrying time on getting composition and facial expressions right (thou there is still ALOT to work on… I keep messing up my composition and timing)
  • There is quite alot of space, even thou there are alot people walking past. This is quite important as, the further your subject is away from the background, the more blur it will be. As such, I was able to get the blurred background shots I wanted
  • And most importantly, the Cosplayers! The above cosplayer is currently one of the best I’ve seen in the year. The couple of other “best” cosplays I seen is done by professional cosplayers. But their appearance on stage is always shortlived, so shutterbugs like me don’t have the chance to really grab alot of “the-shot-I-want”.

Thoughts after the event

If you have seen most of my shots on cosplayers or even “portraits”, you may realize something… I tend to go VERY close up. At times even head shots. The main reason is because, there are way too many distractions behind the cosplayer for a full body shot. Almost any moments, there will be people walking pass behind the cosplayer. So one of the easiest way (I felt) to remove these distractions is to either zoom in close enough to frame out any distractions OR use a large aperture to blur all of them out.

*In my opinion, on crop, f2.8 isn’t going to help to blur out the background, unless you are on longer focal length e.g. >70mm. 50mm f2.8 isn’t going to cut it. (On crop cameras at least). I’ve tried my Sigma 17-50 f2.8, but it didn’t have the ‘pop’ I wanted even thou it’s sharp*

Attempts to shoot full body of this cosplayer 70mm f2.8 mostly ends in failure due to too many people walking into my “line of fire”. Since to take a full body (70mm * 1.6 crop factor = 112mm), I need to be at least 4-5m away from the subject. In between this distance, most people would just be seeing an opening for themselves to take a shot 😦 This is the only reason why I whipped out my super underutilized 50mm f1.8 for the better 1/2 of the event. Also the primary reason I wished my 50mm is sharp, contrasty, detailed like my 70-200…. But I guess, it’s give and take for focal lengths with the equipment I have that day.

I guess this concludes my EOY 2012 event post!

Hope you guys enjoyed it… Now I need to really start planning my shooting trips for at least hte next couple of weekends… Else I will really be a bored person at home…..


Edit: Forgot to include my Facebook link for more images not uploaded to my Flickr: my Facebook album for EOY2012