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More updates for the EOY2012 @ Marina Barrage… Processed a couple more photos from the list….

I’m starting to really love the 50mm focal length because 70mm is too tight for half or full body portraits. But 70mm or zooming in can allow me to blur the background nicely… If I want to do it on a 50mm, I need it on a wide aperture to achieve the blur background I want. This is leading me to another poison…. 50 f1.4.. haha (but will be shelving this idea for now, I’m still loving my 70-200)

Export - IMG_8730
The 50mm doing it’s magic here with it’s large aperture….

Export - IMG_8523
Close up works with my 70-200…

Export - IMG_8498-2
“1/2” body shot at 70mm

Export - IMG_8784
Another 50mm magic @ f1.8

To be honest, from the day I bought the 50mm, I have only been using it for it’s f1.8 to “take in more light” since I’m almost always in a low light situation. But this is the first time, I’m using the 50mm for it’s f1.8 thin DOF.

Thou I do really like the f1.8, but the problem is…. this lens isn’t at it’s best at f1.8, infact, they looked really soft if you compared it to the 70-200 f2.8 wide open. But, after stopping it down to f2.2, it’s actually pretty sharp. Still, the contrast and it’s micro details bits isn’t as good as the 70-200. But for the price tag that 50mm offers, I can’t complain about it! I may want to explore using this lens for a little bit longer before I decide on any purchases (I need to keep my BBB (Buy Buy Buy) virus in check, else my bank is going to go dry -_-)

Just a couple more shots to process and I’m done with the EOY event…. And waiting for the next event… Not sure what else is coming…. But I will try to fill my weekends with some photo trips. It’s Likely to be landscapes or cityscapes. Still have many places I’ve yet to explore…


*It’s only today that I found out that one of my favourite Japanese Singer YUI is going on Hiatus… Sigh….I really like her songs. But really hope she will come back one day with more great songs!*