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EOY 2012 (Events of the Year)..  It’s an cosplay event in short. But at this event, it does sell other items for “otakus”. And also, the entry is free… According to older news, this is the first time that the entrance is free for EOY…

The event started from 11am all the way till 8pm at Marina Barrage. I’ve only entered the place at about 2pm and the ground is all packed with cosplayers (with their friends and assistants) and not forgetting the big group of photographers.

Here are some of the shots I’ve processed and I’m still going thru the photos I’ve shot that day…

Export - IMG_8825-Edit

Export - IMG_8535


Also, it seems that this is the last cosplay event for the year… And no such events will be held till July 2013… Unless there are changes in the events calendar…

Sigh…. back to processing the photos… Will be uploading them when I’m at the next break point..