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Back again to Tanglin Mall’s Snow party…. Especially since I’ve got nothing planned for the evening. But this time with a small group of friends.

Just took a couple of shots this time round.. (You can look at my full album on my Facebook)

Export - IMG_8164

Export - IMG_8209

I think (believe) I will be returning again (yes, again) to Tanglin Mall soon (likely to be next Saturday). Personally, I felt that I had not got the “shot” I want. Will be trying it when time allows and hopefully will be be able to get that.

*I did a run to the only shop carrying Think Tank products… But seems like they didn’t have the Hubba Hubba Hiney I wanted…. and the next shipment is only due next year -_- (shipping from online shops costs 40 usd) So, for now, I have to settle with my shoulder bag (which will give me shoulder ache after long hours of shooting) or backpack (inconvenience lens change) for such events…*

And, that’s all for today’s (this weekend) post 🙂