Yesterday, it was the Garena Festival event. It’s actually a gaming event… But I wasn’t really there for the games competition. But wouldn’t harm to stop by the Garena stadium to watch the live public matches going on…

Didn’t take any of those shots of the match going on since I don’t really understand what’s going on :p They were playing League of Legends (LoL in short)… I’ve stopped at Dota while my fellow gamer friends have moved on to Dota 2, LoL, Heroes of Newerth (HON) etc… I just lost interest in computer games. (At least for now.)

Anyway, I was just wasting time in the lazy afternoon since I’ve got nothing much better to do… And I was more or less only interested in the Cosplay Competition. But the scale is very very small. The stage is only aprox 7x7m with only 10 participants. Some of the judges are professional cosplayers from Korea (didn’t catch their names since the sound system at the place is relative bad + I’m bad with names)

Export - IMG_7672


The 2 judges in cosplay


The cosplayers.

Export - IMG_7677

Export - IMG_7771

Export - IMG_7788

Export - IMG_7851

Export - IMG_7883

Thou there are only 10 participants, but I had quite a nice time at a sweet spot near the platform shooting away :p


The selected cosplayers will “fight” it out in the finals that is supposed to happen today.. But looking at the scale of the event, I’m simply can’t get myself motivated to get down there for a 30 min showdown…

Shortly after the competition, I felt that it’s still early, so I headed down to places with Christmas decorations. From my readings, Tanglin Mall have a “snow” event at 7:30pm. So I went there after I had my dinner.

I will be posting the Snow @ Tanglin Mall post shortly 🙂