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Continued from AFA12 – Cosplayers (Part 2 of 3)

Finally done with my last part of AFA12 Photos. This is the first time I felt sooooo excited when taking the shots. But at the same time feeling so frustrated with the large crowd of photographers crowding infront of the stage and NOT moving away after getting their shot. (You can read about my ranting about these group of people at the end of this post)

My shots of the Japanese Singers and Bands who mostly sang the songs for Anime’s opening and ending songs. There are also bands whom I’ve not heard of also.. (Baby Metal is one of them)

And here are my shots!
Export - IMG_7086

Export - IMG_7089

Baby Metal: I’ve never heard of this band before till AFA12…. But I would say that their songs are quite unique. J-POP + Rock/Metal

Export - IMG_7125

Fripside – Yoshino Nanjo. I’m unable to get the shot of both the duo because too many heads blocking the shots of 1/2 the body of her partner Satoshi Yaginuma.

Export - IMG_7175

Export - IMG_7197

Export - IMG_7251

May’n – One of the singers I liked the most in the group. The first album that introduces me to this singer was a song from the anime, Macross Frontier. She sang alot of songs in that anime. My favourite from that anime will be “Diamond Crevasse” and “Northern Cross”.

Export - IMG_7275

She appeared on stage for a while like the rest of the Singers. And she’s one of the few that sang on this stage… And she sang Diamond Crevasse LIVE!!!  Really enjoyed it!! *If you noticed the black object from the bottom right corner, It’s one of those “idiots”*

Export - IMG_7322

LiSA – My no.1 favourite singer for this evening. The main reason I bought the concert tickets for Saturday evening! Same like many of fans that showed up in the hall. Her appearance on the stage is (sadly) the shortest…. As she rushed over to the stage when she’s having her concert rehearsal 2 halls away.

Export - IMG_7340

And she left after a short while…. hastily… to continue her rehearsal which is less than 2 hours away after this appearance event…

Some ranting….

I swear that I could get more shots if not for those obstructing/insensitive photographers shooting right infront of the stage…I can understand the official photogs doing their jobs, but not these “idiots”!

They are literally standing infront of the stage. No amount of zoom can decently get them out of the frame unless they move off.

All “thanks” to Canon’s special pass to allow them to go to the official photog’s area. It’s a marketing campaign by Canon to allow non-official photos to enter. Probably this is where you will see the ugly side of these photogs.

End of ranting

For the shooting challenges, It would be the human factor and the usual environmental lighting challenge. But another one is the fog machine. These machines combined with the always lighting is a big challenge to shoot in. But anyway, we aren’t supposed to shoot during their short appearance on stage.

And for those who are wondering…. for the concert, I did not shoot anything. Not supposed to anyway 🙂 I’m too busy enjoying myself in the concert :p The concert is for one to enjoy themselves in. Not to shoot and forget their singing and performances!

Do keep it in mind: When you get too engross in shooting, you can’t enjoy their performance!!!!

Sometimes putting away the camera is the BEST way to enjoy to the fullest….

Anyway, It was overall a very enjoyable evening. Especially the concert part. It’s my first time attending a LIVE concert. And the atmosphere is awesome… Thou the venue for the concert is bad…*low performance stage* But if LiSA return next year to AFA, I will definitely be grabbing the tickets again!


*You can find the rest of the shots from AFA12 in my facebook album: here It’s “public”*