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Continuing from Part 1

For this event held in the Expo halls (Hall 7 and 8). Due to the large amount of space in this area outside the halls, as well as nearby air-conditioned areas, the cosplayers are not concentrated in a particular area.

This makes the “hunt” for cosplayers relatively hard. Still It’s isn’t really an excuse for not shooting any of them :p

But I was more interested in the Japanese Anime Singers like LiSA and May’n that appeared in the main stage events. I’ve spent more time on those main stage events starring the singer’s appearance on stage rather than moving around shooting cosplayers.

These are the few shots I got by moving around the entrance of Hall 7 and 8. I didn’t really get too far from the official halls, since I have to return to Hall 8 to wait for the appearance of LiSA on stage.

Export - IMG_7353

Export - IMG_7373

Export - IMG_7378

Export - IMG_7401

Export - IMG_7405

This event is my first time shooting so little cosplayers…

Shall see if I can get more in the next event. But I can’t be sure when it will be.

For the last part.. Part 3, It may take abit of time… I’m still processing the shots. Those shots are shot in an extremely bad lighting (I can say, it’s one of the worst lighting and contrast I even shot). Still having difficulties trying to process them “decently”.. Hope to be able to get the shots ready soon..