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Hell YEAH! It’s a holiday today…. Tuesday. A holiday at the early start of the week.. Just what I need to sort out my AFA12 Photos I’ve shot last Saturday.

I will be splitting my post into 3 parts. Part 1 will be mainly on the figurines, Part 2 on the cosplayers and Part 3 will be focusing on the Japanes Singers (e.g. May’n, LiSA, Babymetal)

To be honest, thou I did took alot of shots, but like most of my shooting trips, usually the keeper rate is 20% at best… I still have alot of junk shots. *Trying to reduce the amount of junk shots… But once I get too excited, I tends to fire off more than usual :p *

Still I think the shots which I’m posting below is what I think is probably decent enough… (at least for me..)

Export - IMG_7030

Export - IMG_7033

Export - IMG_7038

Export - IMG_7049

Export - IMG_7051

Export - IMG_7054

There are alot more figurines on display and for sale. BUT…. The prices that it’s sold is probably something I wouldn’t buy. On average, most of the figurines costs at least $80. For more “famous” and or “larger” ones can easily cost more than $120.

I overheard some of the figurine collectors saying “WOW! It’s on discount, the usual price is $200″…I overheard another one saying, “Damn, should have brought more money to this event to buy this model, nvm next year…”

*I’m not in a position to say that they are crazy over these to spend so much on these figurines/dolls/models, since I may have easily spent waaaay more than what they may have bought.*

Other than figurines, there are other anime object stuffs like Ninja related items (Katana, Kunais, Shurikens), Japanese Anime School Uniforms. Not forgetting posters of singers, anime characters… And of course, these items don’t cost cheap… Imagine an unsigned poster of a size smaller than A3 costing ~$50.

Well, I’m mainly there for a “sightseeing” tour in the hall. So after take a couple of quick look around in the hall, I left for the main stage events and also for the cosplayers which are usually found outside the hall.

Continued in Part 2