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Busy Saturday

A sunrise shoot followed by the Canon Photo Marathon… I was on scene with another friend at about 6.40am… Kinda late for a sunrise shoot. I would have preferred to be there by 6.15am.

Well, making do with what little time we have till the registration time for the photo marathon which starts at 7am.

Export - IMG_6599

Of the sunrises shots I took that morning, I think this is the only “more presentable” shots I got… *And also, the sun was completely blocked by the clouds you see in the picture…*

We left this area for the registration counter which is inside one of the buildings I’ve shot in the above picture.. “Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre”. *Personally, I didn’t like the composition from this location… Will be exploring on other locations in the area in the near future*

btw, despite the event being lasting from 7am to 8pm, you can always leave anytime… If you don’t wish to stay and participate. The registration starts at 7am and the official event will start at 9am.

For those unfamilar with Canon Photo Marathon, It’s basically a photography competition where you have to shoot 3 different themes and submit them as JPEG and lesser than 5mb.

Only one theme is given out at a time and you have 3 hours to complete and submit the photo… Only in camera editing is allowed. *Meaning no Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, etc..* You can use any brands/form of camera, from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus … .. to iPhone and S3 etc.

Note: In order to register, you have to sign an indemnity form (the gist of the form/contract is: consent to Canon using, reproducing and/or publishing any images taken of me or provided by me in connection with the Event in any manner without compensation)

So, when the clock hits 9, the First theme was released: Theme 1: Wonder

Knowing what the theme was, My friends and I gathered and left the area looking for breakfast =.= We are all hungry… lol..

After the breakfast, then we started to look for all sorts of ideas suitable for the theme. But, for some reason, my mind was totally empty. Couldn’t think of anything…So basically for the whole of this theme, I was just following my friends around… then to return to the registration booths to submit the photos (which I didn’t submit any..)

Then at 12pm, Theme 2 was released: Harmony. Again, my mind spaced out again…. Seems like I didn’t put on my creativity cap today…So, instead of wasting time, I went to the free sensor cleaning booth (only for Canon EOS owners) :p

The sensor cleaning booth starts it’s services at 2pm, but at 1pm, there is already a  long queue.. (like what many said, “Singaporeans loves to queue” =.=). And I joined the queue :p

When it’s 2pm, It took an hour to reach my turn for the sensor cleaning (I’ve been dying to clean that few specks of dust off my sensors for months….). So, after I got it done and over with, I found some targets for my shooting…. some models.. lol

What you will be seeing in the next couple of shots are shot on JPEGs with minor adjustments in Lightroom. *I regretted not changing back from M-JPEG to RAW*
Export - IMG_6634

Export - IMG_6639

Export - IMG_6643

Export - IMG_6646

Export - IMG_6664

I shot more shots of these models than I did for the whole day event :p

After I’m done shooting the models, I returned home…. (~5pm) I think I was alittle tired after getting up alittle earlier for a sunrise shoot…

So, in short, my participation in Photomarathon 2012 was a complete failure…. but It’s not stopping me from participating again next year!

Now the next event which I’m looking forward to is the AFA12!!!! This coming Saturday and Sunday!

This really got me excited now… Hope to be able to use my white beauty more effectively…

See you next week then 🙂