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Before I had time to think thru what happened during the weekend, It’s already Sunday night… 10pm as of now..

Recalling what happened during the weekend….

Lonely Friday

I went down to Esplanade (again) on Friday. Didn’t want to go home too early. Still can’t get used to a home where it’s alittle too quiet with my brother and sister both married and have moved out since…

There was this outdoor theatre at Esplanade where there will be events going on every night. This was probably one of the reasons why I like to go there…

Last week, it was the Da:ns festival where during event festival period, there are cultural dance performances every night.

For this weekend, there is this event entitled “Blue Velvet”. It’s basically a jazz and blues band. The group performing on Friday night was “Tokyo Blue“. I really quite like their music. It kinda makes me feel so relax and to forget some of those unhappiness I brought along before the event started…

*Also, not forgetting to grab some snaps and continuing to listen to their wonderful music.. all shot on the white beauty 70-200 f2.8 IS II 🙂 I’m really loving every bits of this lens*

Export - IMG_6524

Export - IMG_6554

Export - IMG_6546

After their performance ended, I took a short walk around the Marina Bay Sands area. When walking around, I recalled how I felt when I first started photography and went there(MBS) for my first night cityscape shoot (which was like more than a year ago..)

After I’m done with the walk, I returned home to prepare myself for the Sunrise shoot the following morning which is followed by the Canon Photo Marathon 2012 which basically lasts the whole day (7am – 8pm). *I’ll continue this bit on the 2nd part of this post..*